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Classroom Management

Monitor, Control, & Collaborate With Your Students, Efficiently.

This classroom management software enables the instructor to control and manage the class effectively, supervise students’ activities and maintain a good order in class, while the students learn, communicate and collaborate with each other and between groups.

All across Platform Compatibility

Our platform works with Windows, Chromebooks, Mac OS, IOS, Android and Linux.

Language Center Mgmt. Software

Interactive language learning and teaching

Mythware Language Lab Software is designed to help teachers to deliver the language learning class actively with more teacher-student interaction. With the various functions such as Voice Broadcast, Intercom, Simultaneous Interpretation, Oral Training and Oral Exam, this system helps students to be better involved in learning and more responsive.

Interactive Language Teaching & Learning

  • Screen and Voice Broadcast
  • Student Demonstration
  • Visual
  • Net Movie
  • External Device Teaching
  • Test

Anti-Theft Software

Track your device, anytime, anywhere

  • Track and spot the location of your device when anyone uses it to go online
  • Make the device to automatically play a sound remotely
  • Remotely lock the device over the Internet so others can’t use it or access your personal information
  • Remotely erase all of your personal data on the selected device


Server Side

Show Me The Features

Manage Devices

  • Device Information Checking
  • Track and Locate Your Device on a Map
  • Lost Notification
  • Lock Remotely
  • Erase Data Remotely

Manage Account

  • Display the Total Accounts
  • Create New Accounts
  • Import Accounts
  • Unbind Accounts
  • Accounts Setting
  • Delete Accounts


  • Account Settings
    Allow or deny students’ registration from the client side;
    allow or deny students to change account information from the client side; allow or deny students to change account password from the client side.
  • Client Side Settings
    Hide the application icon of the client side.
    Requires a security code to modify the server address or not.
    Customize time frame to get the updates on status of client side.

User Side

Show Me The Features
  • Create New Account
  • Check the Status & Detailed Information of Device
  • Unbind the Device from the Account
  • Change Server Address
  • Upload the status of devices to the server by different time frame
Mobile Application Management Software

Mythware Mobile Application Management Software

Mobile Application Management by Mythware is aimed to help users learn the tablet usage, running time of the system, running time of applications and the most frequently used applications. It enables users to remotely install/uninstall applications, and remotely set application policies to allow/deny the usage of certain applications.

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