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Every aspect of our lives is being controlled by technology devices and for us to keep learning and improving, we have to keep up to date to today’s technology. In today’s classrooms, the use of technology has become an often problem among teachers. Trying to find a classroom management solution that works with their environment is also a big trouble.

The best alternative to Insight Software is Mythware Classroom Management Software with a complete set of tools for monitoring, interacting and controlling your students at any time of the lecture without having to leave your desk. Looking for the best classroom management software can be a tedious task but by making sure to provide the right tool, we can make sure to provide a comfortable environment for both teachers and students.

Basic features for controlling and monitoring devices are provided but those are just the basic needs for every teacher. Interaction and comunication are also important for the learning process. As an alternative to Insight Software, Mythware makes sure to provide much more than just the basics.

Insight vs. Mythware

Insight offers the basic features needed to control the classroom and maintain order in class during the lecture.

    • Monitor student’s screens – supervise the activities in real time, make a screen broadcast of a student and block any forbidden activity.
    • Collaboration features – chat with the students at any time during class and launch an application or website to all students at the same time.
    • Eliminate distractions – blank screens, lock keywords and mice, eliminate audio on selected student’s computers, open, close or block websites or applications.
    • Student learning – personal assessment to the student, direct interaction between instructor and student.
    • Share files – send and receive files to/from the students.
FeaturesMythwareFaronics – Insight
Remote control Feature that allows teachers to control student's machines with one click on the mouse  
Quiz by Answer Sheet Simply import a quiz and Mythware will score every quiz when students submit the answers.
Group Teaching This feature allows the teacher to devide the classroom into separate groups according to different content being taught to each group
Group Chat & Voice Chat
Topic Chat
Remote Control With Voice
Net Movie
Response & Competition Feature that allows teachers to test the teaching efficiency in real time
Volume Control
Interactive whiteboard Feature that allows teachers & students to collaborate in real time with drawings, math equations, writting and more  

Mythware classroom management software, on the other hand, has unique features available for both, instructor and student, allowing them to have an organized and collaborative classroom.

    • Quiz by answer sheet – Instructor can create a quiz at any point of the lecture to asses the progress of the class, instructors can import documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet, the students can answer on the answer sheet and also on the quiz and the instructor will get the results in real time.
    • Group teaching – the instructor can divide the classroom into separate groups and assign a group leader with the authority to manage the assignment given.
    • Chat –  instructor can create a topic chat to invite the students to join; chat with each student individually or create different group chats with different topics.
    • Interactive whiteboard – share the whiteboard and content with the students, invite the students to co-draw with the instructor; draw themselves while the instructor supervises or select one student to make a demonstration.
    • Multiple voice interaction – instructor can broadcast his voice with selected students, talk to them and monitor the voice of the student in real time.
    • Net movie – streaming feature that allows the instructor to share media files in real time with the students.
    • Response competition – help the instructor to test the teaching efficiency, students can answer vocally, write text or show the screen for the process done.

Making the comparison between them allow the clients to see which one is more convenient and cover all their classroom management needs. Also, providing free classroom management software is important in order to be able to work with even the smallest classrooms. The best alternative to Insight Software would have to be Mythware Classroom Management Software since this is the best and most complete solution available in the market.

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