Best Android Classroom
Management Software

Best features

Classroom management software has become an important part of the learning process in today’s classroom. The use of Android devices has also increased considerably in the last few years that’s why it’s important to have the best android classroom management software for our students. An all across compatibility has become a vital part of the educational technology because of the increasing number of users and accessibility to this devices.


Interactive Whiteboard

To have the best android classroom management software means to have the best solution for your classroom management needs. Mythware classroom management software is one of the industry leaders and has proven to be the best classroom management software with an all across compatibility and unique features providing the instructor the best tools to achieve the success wanted in the classroom.

Features available

There are many options when it comes to decide which is the best android classroom management software, comparing the Mythware classroom management software features will prove is the best option.


Group Teaching

    • Quiz by answer sheet – Instructor can create a quiz at any point of the lecture to asses the progress of the class, instructors can import documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet, the students can answer on the answer sheet and also on the quiz and the instructor will get the results in real time.
    • Group teaching – instructor can divide the classroom into separate groups and assign a group leader with the authority to manage the assignment given.
    • Chat –  instructor can create a topic chat to invite the students to join; chat with each student individually or create different group chats with different topics.
    • Interactive whiteboard – share the whiteboard and content with the students, invite the students to co-draw with the instructor; draw themselves while the instructor supervise or select one student to make a demonstration.
    • Multiple voice interaction – instructor can broadcast his voice with selected students, talk to them and monitor the voice of the student in real time.
    • Net movie – streaming feature that allows the instructor to share media files in real time with the students.
    • Response competition – help the instructor to test the teaching efficiency, students can answer vocally, write text or show the screen for the process done.

Quiz Feature


These are some of the unique features Mythware classroom management software offers for android devices proving that it is really the best android classroom management software. It also allows the instructor to use windows if needed or use his android device to manage the class.