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Locate, track and remote control, effectively prevent loss and theft of your mobile devices with Mythware Anti-Theft Software.


Mythware Anti-Theft Software provides more than just the basic locating features. A device tracking software must be able to provide the correct tools to be able to control the location of every device used on the institution while looking after the data that is in said device and since devices are being used for every aspect of our lives, the educational process is not the exception.

Locating and protecting every student’s information is very important for every institution. Technology is part of the educational process nowadays and this means that the devices that the student uses for everyday life can also be used for learning. Educational institutions everywhere have realized that there is a clear need to have a device tracking software that allows the administration team to be able to locate and know the status of every device provided by the school and features in order to provide accurate information about status and location must be available in the best anti-theft software.


Tracking features and much more.

Looking for a device tracking software can be a very hard thing for most organization’s trying to locate hundreds of devices at the time. Mythware Anti -Theft Software has proven to be the best anti-theft software since it is very easy to use Software that allows the teachers or admins to be able to locate, track, alert, remote control, etc. the mobile devices being used around campus. Many more features are also available for this device tracking software that has proven to be the best Anti-Theft software available in the market.

  • Track and Locate Your Device on a Map  – Track and spot the location of your device when anyone uses it to go online.
  • Lost Notification – Make the device to automatically play a sound remotely.

  • Erase Data Remotely (Android Only) – Remotely erase all of your personal data on the selected device.

  • Lock Remotely – Remotely lock the device over the Internet so others can’t use it or access your personal information.


Features like the ones you can find in Mythware Anti-Theft Software are not common along anti-theft solutions. Looking for the best anti-theft software can be a very difficult task. Being able to control, locate, track your devices must be with a simple solution that allows you to have accurate information in real time. Mythware Anti-theft Software protects also the information in the devices so you can be sure that your date won’t end in the wrong hands.

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