Best IOS Classroom
Management Software

Best IOS Classroom Management Software available

In today’s market, educational technology is developing considerably within the last years, that’s the reason why so many companies are now offering different classroom management softwares. It has become difficult to see which of them is the best IOS classroom management software available, it’s important for the clients to be able to see the differences between them and what each of them offer.


Monitor Control

Around 40% of the population is now using some IOS device, this shows how important has become to be able to offer the best IOS classroom management software available. Mythware classroom management software is one of the industry leaders available, offering an all across compatibility with the best features available. It has proven to be the best classroom management software providing an easy access and installation.

Features available for IOS Classroom Management Software

For the best IOS classroom management software there are many features that only Mythware classroom management software offers.


Group Teaching

  • Screen Broadcast – the instructor can broadcast the screen to the students at any moment to selected students or all at once in order to maintain focus and attention in the students.
  • Student demonstration – instructor can select one student to show the screen to all the class, the instructor or just a few selected students.
  • Monitor – the instructor is able to control and see what every student is doing in real time.
  • Silence & silence off – instructor is able to blank the student’s screen in order to get their attention.
  • Message – student is able to communicate with the instructor at any point of the lecture individually or the instructor can create groups chats.
  • Raise hand – when any student need some help with any assignment he/she can click on the “raise hand” button and the instructor is able to see there’s a student that needs assessment. 



These are some of the features that Mythware classroom management software offers for the IOS devices. By comparing the different companies offering this software the client can see which of them is the best IOS classroom management software that fulfils your classroom management needs, offering the best features and better platform compatibility.

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