When was the last time you taught a class or did a presentation using some classroom management software where each student of your class had a computer and you were wondering what they were really doing while you were doing your presentation? These are the common thoughts that every teacher in the 21st century teaching the tech savvy students.

The important points to keep in mind when selecting a classroom management tool is what it offers:

  • Usability
  • Compatibility
  • Simplicity and reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Training and support

Usability- Some people may think the classroom management software is used to just spy on students, but when used for its core purpose, it gives teachers the confidence to get out from behind their desks and interact with students, because they know the students will stay on task.

Compatibility- Monitor and be connected with your entire class from any device OS including: Chromebooks, Windows, Macs, iOS and Android, etc. Choose a classroom management software that has the least minimum requirements so that every student can be in the network, with any machine.


Simplicity and reliability- Monitor the student screen and voice in real time, decide what kind of websites and applications that students have access to, offer help to the students who may have some troubles during the class. Avoid going for a software with too many features as it may give you some hidden costs or might hang.

Flexibility- If you’re the Instructor and using a classroom management tool, you should definitely have some special controls over the class. Having options for answer sheet editing, quiz editing, oral test editing saves time and is more effective, also access to computers such as power on, shutdown or restart students’ computer remotely, close applications, log in Windows, etc.


Training and support- Giving an example of a language lab management software, having practice over the pronunciation and moreover getting practice in the guidance of an expert is a helpful thing for the learner. Features such as Oral Training and Group Chat/Conference call in your classroom management software would be a helpful option.