There are so many reasons why teachers over the world are looking for a class software capable to control the use of technology in the classroom and give them the ability to use that same technology to teach. A classroom management software capable to interact, control, monitor, etc. the students while in a lecture has to provide all the features and tools in order to be a helpful solution for the teachers.


Planet TechEd Inc. has made the very best to be able to provide the best classroom management solution with the best tools and features to provide a secure learning process. In addition to being a useful class software, it has become the most affordable classroom management software available in the market at the moment. A quick comparison between industry leaders will show differences in features and pricing.

Before considering a class software for your organization, it is important to know what are your current needs in the classroom. Most class softwares are designed to control and monitor the students but that is not the only needs a teacher has. Mythware Classroom Management Software is a classroom management solution that provides interactive features like the following:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Net Movie
  • Topic and Group chats.
  • Remote Assistance
  • Remote Login
  • Remote Control


The most important thing for the Planet TechEd team is to be able to provide a better alternative to Lanschool as well as a better alternative to Netop. Two industry leaders with a class software only capable of providing the basic feature for control and monitor.



Interactive Whiteboard

This way Planet TechEd Inc. makes sure to provide more than just a class software capable of monitoring but also a solution that helps provide a comfortable and interactive environment between teachers and students and to be an affordable classroom management software



Screen sharing

Start Improving Your Class Today.