Classroom Management –
Problems & Solutions

Mythware Classroom Management Software as an Educational Software

Educators everywhere are having more and more problems when it comes to a technology based classroom. Every student is now involving, in some way, technology to be able to keep track of their lessons. For teachers, this can be both a problem or a solution. A problem because technology use in classroom can become a distraction, this is why more and more teachers are looking for the best classroom management software available. It also can become a solution because with this new classroom management tool (technology) they can assess the students, guide them through every process, have a interactive classroom, etc.

Every educator wants to provide an up to date classroom environment but the need to also have a controlled and organized classroom is also a main concern for the teacher. This why choosing the right technology for your school is the most important thing to worry when interested in choosing a classroom management tool.

When a teacher has a technology based classroom, the need for a classroom management using educational technology has become a real struggle. There are many educational companies that are developing classroom management software that allows the teacher to control the classroom but there are other solutions  like Mythware Classroom Management Software that is providing every tool for the teacher to have a controlled and organized classroom.


Group Teaching


Interactive Whiteboard


Quiz Feature

The main problems while using technology in the classrooms are:


  • No control over the activities being done in the device
  • No way to regain focus once the student is in the device.
  • No secure way to interact with the students during the learning process.
  • No easy way to assess or test your students progress.
  • Unable to share files or show multimedia files to the students.

Every teacher is interested in providing a technology based classrooms without having this problems but technology helps the teachers to manage their classrooms with different classroom management software like Mythware Classroom Management Software providing different features.

  • Interactive Whiteboard: Share the whiteboard and content to students; invite multi students to draw on the whiteboard together with the teacher; let students draw on their own whiteboard individually and monitor them; select one student to draw and demonstrate to other students.
  • Remote Command: The instructor can remotely launch and close applications on a student’s computer, you can open website on the student side, startup, reboot or shut down all students’ PCs with only one mouse click without leaving your computer.
  • Monitor & Control: To supervise the students better in their learning progress, the instructor can monitor students’ screens or multiple audio sources on student PCs simultaneously.
  • Group Teaching: Based on the actual situation, the instructor can divide the students into several groups and perform personalized teaching activities, including peer tutoring and cooperative learning.

And those are to name a few features that Mythware Classroom Management Software provides for every educator interested in providing the best technology for their classrooms and wants to also have all the tools to be able to provide a successful learning process with a collaborative and organized classroom.

Mythware Classroom Management Software has proven to be the best classroom management solution with the best and most unique fetures for an interactive, organized yet controlled classroom.  In today’s technology based classroom it’s important to be able to provide an affordable classroom management software that can be used by every educator.

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