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Mythware Educational Software

Technology has become a part of everybody’s life, and teenagers are not free of it. High Schools everywhere are dealing with the wrong use of technology every day. Students are using their devices as a distraction in class. A classroom management software for high schools is in need for every school that wants to provide an up to date classroom while making sure that every student stays in focus on the task. A high school classroom management software that allows the teachers to control and monitor all types of devices is a tool that every teacher needs.


Interactive Whiteboard

Mythware Classroom Management Software provides instructors and students a platform for exchanging their opinions and messages by group chat, and also topic chat where an instructor can set different chatting topics and students can choose to join which topic by one click. In addition to that, teachers can find features for monitoring, organization, supervision, and assessment when needed.

Using a classroom management solution came out of a desire to provide easier and more accessible communication with learning students. For many, for a classroom management software for high schools, this feature was the main tool needed to remind students of assignments and a place to share class notes for review.

Features avaialable for Mythware Educational Software

Providing the most effective classroom management software is important in order to help teachers with all activities during the class. A classroom management software for high schools such as Mythware Classroom management software has features for monitoring all the students’ activities in real time. Every teacher is able to see all students in real time from their desk and can end any process from their desk with just one click. Teachers won’t have to move around the class in order to make sure that the students are doing the task.   Also, classroom management software for high schools has to be the most complete classroom management solution so that students can not find a way around the software.


Group Teaching

A few features that you can find while using Mythware Classroom Management Software. This is a classroom management software for a high school that provides all the classroom management tool for teachers and students to have better communication, interaction while the teacher also asses everything being done in the lab.

  • Quiz by answer sheet ­- Instructor can create a quiz at any point of the lecture to asses the progress of the class, instructors can import documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet, the students can answer on the answer sheet and also on the quiz and the instructor will get the results in real time.
  • Group teaching – ­ instructor can divide the classroom into separate groups and assign a group leader with the authority to manage the assignment given.
  • Chat – ­ instructor can create a topic chat to invite the students to join; chat with each student individually or create different group chats with different topics.
  • Interactive whiteboard – ­ share the whiteboard and content with the students, invite the students to co­draw with the instructor; draw themselves while the instructor supervises or select one student to make a demonstration.
  • Internet/app/device limitation -­ instructor can limit or block access to different websites, applications, USB ports, etc.
  •  Net movie – the ­ streaming feature that allows the instructor to share media files in real time with the students.
  • Response competition -­ help the instructor to test the teaching efficiency, students can answer vocally, write text or show the screen for the process done.


Quiz Feature

With a classroom management software for high schools like Mythware, the Instructor can have access to the work progress, websites they visit can see the message sent by the students, event information of student login and logout, student connection information, file submission and so on. And one important feature that is for some shy students who are not active enough to express themselves, they can get the help from the instructor just by sending one message. It has proven to be the best classroom management software available for high schools in the actual market.

Selecting a classroom management for high schools is an important step when the new school year starts, but which one is the question that will be on the minds of many teachers—new teachers, especially. You can make an informed decision, research and make a quick comparison between them so that you have every aspect correct. 

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