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Software for iPads and Tablets

Features designed for iPad and Tablet use.

Technology is now a part of our daily lives. Tablets and iPads are the easiest to transport and take with you everywhere. It is a great way to manage your information, data and general use of the internet. With that, education has also become a part of technology use. Classrooms today provide the students’ different Tablets and iPad devices for the students to be able to do their tasks faster and easier. With that, a classroom management software for iPads and Tablets has become a real need among teachers looking to be able to monitor the students. A monitoring software is a must among this tech-based classrooms.


Interactive Whiteboard

Mythware classroom management software is an educational solution designed for BYOD environments and tech-based classrooms. Classroom management software for iPads and tablets should be available for every educational institution looking to provide an up to date class for the students. Helping the students use their everyday technology for learning while allowing the teacher to continue to have full control over the students’ activities. The best classroom management software in order to help them have an organized and controlled classroom. A classroom management software for iPads and Tablets that allow the teacher to fully control the applications being used.

Features for Tablets and iPads

An Ipad Classroom management software that allows the teacher to be able to control and monitor their devices and the applications being used helps the teacher provide a secure learning process. Not allowing the freedom of using a technology in the classroom come between their learning process. A classroom management software for iPads and Tablets is in need for teachers to be able to have the proper environment while educating


Group Teaching

  • Survey– Instructor can create a quick survey at any point of the lecture to asses the progress of the class.
  • Group teaching – instructor can divide the classroom into separate groups and assign a group leader with the authority to manage the assignment given.
  • Chat –  instructor can create a topic chat to invite the students to join; chat with each student individually or create different group chats with different topics.
  • Net movie – streaming feature that allows the instructor to share media files in real time with the students.


iPad Dashboard

These are some of the features available in Mythware classroom management software for iOS and Tablet allowing the instructor to have better control and to assess the students at any point in the lecture. Providing classroom management software for iOS and Tablets helps the teacher to have the right tools for teaching. Providing the proper tools for both teacher and students is important in order to help both improve.

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