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Schools and institutions everywhere are looking to implement technology in their classrooms. Students want/need to be able to use their everyday devices such as tablets as tools for their studies, it is easier for them to keep notes and to have all the information in hand. But for teachers is a completely different situation. Teachers everywhere are struggling in order to keep their students enhanced in their lectures; little control over these tablets has become a common struggle and their inability to be able to properly monitor devices is now the reason why teachers are looking to a classroom management software for tablets that allows them to control, monitor but also interact with the students.


Teachers must be able to control the activities since technology has become such a distraction in classrooms today. This is why the Planet TechEd team has made sure to provide the best tablet classroom management software with a full set of features that allow teachers to have control and an organized classroom while still being able to interact with the students.

Mythware has proven to be the most complete classroom management software providing tools not only for controlling but also focusing on the important interaction that must take place between teacher and student to provide a successful learning process. Features like chat, group teaching, raise hand and many more allows the teachers to help the students during this process and it helps to have everyone in the same rhythm

Being able to fulfill all your teachers’ needs is one of the most important things to consider while searching for a classroom management software for tablets. Mythware Classroom Management Software is a tablet monitoring software that provides interactive and monitoring features like the following:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Net Movie
  • Topic and Group chats.
  • Remote Assistance
  • Remote Login
  • Remote Control


A classroom management software for tablets has to be accessible for every educational institution to provide the best solution available in the market. Providing a better alternative to Lanschool as well as a better alternative to Netop is a great way to show every teacher that more features are available and an easier interface also for every teacher with Mythware. These are two industry leaders with a class software only capable of providing the basic feature for control and monitor.


Interactive Whiteboard

This way Planet TechEd Inc. makes sure to provide more the best tablet classroom management software, capable of monitoring but also a solution that helps provide a comfortable and interactive environment between teachers and students and to be an affordable classroom management software


Screen sharing

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