Manejo de Aulas

Descargue Mythware Software de Manejo de Aulas

Gratis Para 5 Maquinas

Utilice Mythware Manejo de Aulas gratuitamente con hasta 5 máquinas.

Licencia de 30 dias

¿Necesita hacer pruebas con mas de 5 máquinas? Pida un codigo de activacion para 30 dias.

Activación de Manera Facil

Puede activar Mythware con dos clicks una vez que su licencia ha sido adquirida.

Todo Sistema Operativo

Utilice Mythware en cada sistema operativo y conecte cualquier otro al mismo tiempo.

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  • Classroom Management Software have tested on Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.01. For other linux distributions, such as Debian, SUSE, Fedora, ManDriva and so on, please contact us with your request.
  • For Android teacher and students, the service pack (platform signature) needs to be installed on their tablets. Mythware offers customer with Google original signature. For other signatures, please contact us.
  • Click Download button with iPAD, and iOS version will be installed on your iPad directly.


Release Notes

Release Notes for Windows V2.7.13058

Release Notes for Android V2.7.4815

Release Notes for iOS V2.7.593

Release Notes for Mac V2.7.2357

Manejo de Laboratorios de Idiomas

Descargue Language Lab Software V6.0

  • New highly-flexible digital language lab
  • Can be used for teaching and learning any languages
  • Learn More…

30 Day Trial

Install Mythware in up to 5 student machines for 30 days.

No Hassle Activation

You can activate Mythware with two clicks once a license is purchased.

Across OS Compatibility

Use Mythware in any OS as a teacher, manage and control any OS.

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