Mythware Manejo de Aulas para MacOSx

Mac can be a powerful tool in the classroom. But to truly transform teaching

and learning, you also need Classroom Management for Mac. It is compatible

and stable, so you can work on different subjects and contents with it. You

will find all the functions extremely helpful in class, teaching and learning

can be easy and fun.


Monitor, Control, Collaborate & Much More.

Serving as a management platform for multimedia interactive teaching in

computer classrooms, Mythware Classroom Management Software on Mac

enables the teacher to control and manage class effectively, supervise students’

activities and maintain a good order in class, and the students to learn and communicate

with each other and between groups.

Mythware Manejo de Aulas para MacOS

Interactive Teaching & Learning

Classroom Management Software on Mac benefits the teacher to develop an interactive teaching process and make students focus on class. Teachers can broadcast their screens to all or selected students in real-time, choose one student to do the demonstration, or start a quiz to test the teaching efficiency.


  • Student Demonstration

By displaying one student’s screen on other students’ computers, teachers can let the student share his/her work and highlight creative solutions or common problems.


  • Net Movie

Teachers can play media files on their computers and broadcast the media to the entire class. Students don’t have to download the media file. And teachers don’t have to share the media file with students. The process uses streaming media via networking. Now Net Movie supports the MPEG files (*.MPG, *.MPEG) and DVD Files (*.VOB).


  • Screen Broadcast

Screen Broadcast is one of the most important functions of Mythware Classroom Management Software on Mac. Teachers can broadcast their computer screens to one or more of the students in the class, in either Full Screen or Windowed mode.


  • Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard is designed to meet the requirement of making the class more interactive. With this function, teachers can easily share their screens and contents to all or selected students. Teachers can also invite students to draw on the drawing board together. Students can also draw on their own drawing boards individually and the teacher can monitor students’ drawings. In this way, students’ creativity can be inspired.


  • Response & Competition

If the teacher wants to know whether the students have grasped the teaching content during the class, he can use this function to test students’ learning outcome. Teachers can ask the students to answer the competition questions vocally or by entering text. Also, students can answer questions by demonstrating their screens and showing their operations to other students. All those competitions can be done individually or in groups.

Instant Monitor & Assistance

With Mac Classroom Management Software, teachers can monitor the desktops of the students, assist students through remote control and chat. To improve the learning efficiency, teachers can also blank students’ screens to gain attention and make them focus on the class.

  • Monitor & Control

Using Mac Classroom Management Software, teachers can monitor the desktops of the students. The monitor window displays images of students’ screens. Teachers can simultaneously view multiple students’ screens. Also Teachers can view an individual student’s desktop in a windowed or full screen view


  • Remote Command

Mythware Mac Classroom Management Software allows teachers to shut down all students’ devices with only one mouse click, reboot all students’ devices, and execute an application on a student’s device remotely, all without leaving their Mac computers.


Convinient Assessment

With a practical set of features, Mythware Ubuntu Classroom Management Software for Linux enables instructors to assess student progress by creating and administering quiz papers. Instructors can also give students an instant survey comprising a single question, which can be a useful tool for evaluating individual learning during lectures and discussions.

Mythware Manejo de Aulas para MacOS


  • Survey

Teachers can use Survey to see how well students have learned. The teacher can set a quick question by Survey, and the question can be multiple-choice or true or false question. Teachers will see students’ answers in the form of histogram after students submitting their answers.

  • Quiz by Answer Sheet

Quiz by Answer Sheet is a good way for teachers to test their students. Teachers can import documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet. Students can answer questions both on the quiz paper and on the answer sheet. Teachers can export the quiz result in the form of HTML which can show the whole test and each student’s answering situation clearly.

Powerfull Management

Mythware Classroom Management Software on Mac helps the teacher to manage the class more conveniently and easily. Teachers can manage Class Models by deleting or activating an existing Class Model, ask the students to sign it at the beginning of class, distribute or collect files from all or selected students.

  • Sign In

Teachers can ask students to provide student ID and other information at the start of class. After all students have registered, teachers can export the student registration details to a file.


  • File Distribution & Collection

With File Distribution and File Collection, teachers can send documents, collect tests and distribute assignments in the classroom instantaneously, without having to pass out any papers. All these can be done in a paperless way which is more convenient and environmental.


  • Silent On & Silent Off

In order to gain one or more students’ attention during the process of class, teachers can blank students’ screens. A blank screen is an amazing thing. Teachers no longer have to compete for students’ attention. When teachers blank students’ screens in the classroom, all students’ keyboards and mice will be locked at the same time; websites, games and assignments disappear in one click.

Mythware Manejo de Aulas para MacOS

Monitor & Control Feature

Installation & Introduction
Chapter 1 –  Installation2014-10-17SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 2 – Conducting Log-In2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 3 – Introducing Interface2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
 Broadcast & Interactive Teaching
Chapter 5 – Using Screen Broadcast2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 6 – Using Student Demonstration2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Efective Control and Assist 
Chapter 4 – Monitor & Control2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
 Chapter 10 – Aplication and Web Policy2014-10-17 SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 7 – Use File Distribution2014-10-17SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 8 – Using File Collection2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 9 – Student Registration2014-10-17 SWF (Open in Browser)
What's New

Supports the latests Operating System – Android 5.0


Add Quiz Result button on student’s side to view history results.


Increase file and quiz paper distribution efficiency by 50%.


Update Quiz by Answer Sheet



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Feature List

Find all the features of classroom management software for android in this feature list.

User Manual

Guide every user to fully use every function of classroom management for android.

Quick Start Guide

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Technical Specifications

Mac Os:

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X
Hardware Requirements

Teacher side:

  • Minimum Requirements : 1.1GHz Intel Core M, 4GB Memory
  • Recommended Requirements : 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory

Student side:

  • Minimum Requirements: 1.1GHz Intel Core M, 4GB Memory
  • Recommended Requirements: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory
Network RequirementsCable Network: 10Mbytes/100Mbytes/1000Mbytes Shared Network or Switched Network
Wireless Network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network.


System Requirements
  • iOS6.X
  • iOS7.X
  • iOS8.0
  • iOS8.1
  • iOS8.2
Hardware Requirements
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini Retina
Network RequirementsWireless Network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network.
Hardware Requirements
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini Retina
Network RequirementsWireless Network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network.
License Model

There are three Internet license models for classroom management for windows. You can choose one according to your own situation.

Per Class – This model requires the customer to use a serial number to register on the teacher’s computer. The students needn’t to register on their computer. This serial number can control the number of students who can connect to the teacher simultaneously. This model is suited to site licenses. The serial number is locked down to the physical machine which has installed the Teacher software.

Per Seat – This model requires registration on both teacher’s and student’s computer. Customers need to use different serial numbers to register on each teacher and student computer, and the teacher side does not limit the number of students who can connect to the teacher simultaneously. The serial number is locked down to each physical machine which has installed our classroom management software.

Per School – Different from the two models above, when customer choose this model, neither the teacher computer nor the student computer requires registration. Instead, customer needs to install the License Server program on the computer which is used as the server. By using one serial number to register on the license server computer, users can easily control the teacher licenses and student licenses. The serial number is locked down to the physical machine which is used as the server.

Online & Offline Activation

If the machine on which the classroom management is installed has internet access, the activation process is as follows:

Customer request a Serial Number from Planet TechEd for the machine like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Customer enters the Serial Number into the software.
The software connects the Internet License Server and completes the activation.
If there is no internet access, it can be manually done by an offline license file, then the activation process will be like this:

Customer request a Serial Number from Planet TechEd for the machine like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Customer sends the Serial Number/Machine Identify pair to Planet TechEd . Machine Identify is a digital numbers string generated by the machine after the software is installed.
Planet TechEd returns a License File to customer.
Customer enters the License File into the software and completes the activation.
Language Used:

Serial Number – A random string generated by the Internet License Server of Planet TechEd in advance. After activation, the Serial Number will bind with a fixed machine. One Serial Number can only be bound with one machine, it can’t be shared or moved between different machines.
Machine Identify – A numbers string generated by the machine hardware Identify. Currently, it only represents the MAC address of wired or wireless network adapter of the computer.
License File – Offline activation file for machine without internet accessibility.