Purchase Orders & W9 Form

Who Can Submit Purchase Orders?

We accept purchase orders from all business entities, corporations, school systems (private & public), government agencies, colleges, universities, and libraries. All purchase orders are approved for NET 30 terms. For longer terms please contact us.

Purchase Order Requirements

All purchase orders must include the following information:

  • Purchase order number
  • Complete bill-to and ship-to addresses, this includes the email address of the person(s) that will receive product licensing information.
  • Purchasing agent’s (or buyer’s) signature and contact phone number.
  • A complete description of the product being ordered – Or simply attach our quotation form along with your organization’s PO.
  • Purchase Order Terms Payment terms: Net 30 days

Three Easy Steps to Submitting a Purchase Order

  1. Create a price quotation. Select the product from this website that you require and create an official price quotation online. Once completed, within a few minutes, you will receive via email, an official quotation. The quotation will arrive in your inbox as an attached PDF file.
  2. Print or e-mail the quotation to your organization’s purchasing department for processing.
  3. Send your organization’s purchase order along with our quotation to us (see below)

Where Do I Send Our Purchase Order?

Once you create a price quotation, you will be automatically emailed an official quotation, along with instructions, fax numbers, electronic upload instructions and mailing addresses. The quickest way to process a purchase order would be to send your purchase order via fax and/or electronically (see below). Alternatively, you can also submit your purchase orders to us via postal mail. Below are our particulars for sending purchase orders to us:

To inquire about our purchase order requirements please contact us at +1 (604) 620-0046 or e-mail our sales team

Fax for Purchase Orders:

778 650 5007

Mailing Address:

#866 1685 H Street Blaine, Washington 98230


Call Us at (800) 903 1324 or at sales@planetteched.com