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In today’s world, technology has become an important tool for almost every aspect of our lives including our learning process. This is why most educators are looking for a classroom management solution that fits their needs but that also fits their available budget. A free alternative to software solutions like Impero are the most wanted for teachers because of the need for controlling, monitoring and interactive features. A free alternative to Imperso Software such as Mythware is the one that fits their needs the best.

Mythware Classroom Management Software  is one of the most demanded free alternatives to Impero software because of the features available and because of its easy interface.  It’s the free alternative to Impero software by providing a complete version of Mythware for FREE for up to 5 users.

Impero Software  vs. Mythware Classroom Management Software 

Impero Software provides only the basic features for classroom monitoring. A free alternative to Impero software was requested by clients. Some of the basic features that Impero Software provides are:

  • Screen broadcast
  • Chat
  • Multi-device monitoring, etc.
FeaturesMythwareImpero Education Pro
Remote control Feature that allows teachers to control student's machines with one click on the mouse  
Quiz by Answer Sheet Simply import a quiz and Mythware will score every quiz when students submit the answers.
Group Teaching This feature allows the teacher to devide the classroom into separate groups according to different content being taught to each group
Topic Chat
Remote Control With Voice
Net Movie
Response & Competition
Volume Control
Interactive whiteboard Feature that allows teachers & students to collaborate in real time with drawings, math equations, writting and more  

For a educators, it has become a need to find the the most complete classroom management software. This means more than just controlling features.  A free alternative to Impero software that provides more features for a comfortable environment for both teacher and student.

More than just a classroom management solution, Mythware now provides features for interaction and collaboration from the students such as:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Group teaching
  • Remote Student assistance
  • Remote Control
  • Topic, individual and group chat, etc.

The need for a classroom management solution has increased with the constant use of technology. A free alternative to impero software is Mythware Classroom Management Software.  A free classroom management solution that provides the best features and guarantees an interactive and controlled classroom.

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