iPad Classroom
Management Software

iPhone/iPad Classroom Management Software  is specially

design for iPad. It provides a smooth, secure and

easy-to-use experience.The great level of compatibility

and stability of Classroom Management allows it to

run with other solutions at the same time and enables

a successful learning process. With a variety of features like

interactive whiteboards, successful teaching and learning efficiency

is guarantee.


Monitor, Control, Collaborate & Much More. gftrth

The need for systematic classroom management has never been greater in today’s modern schools. Mythware Classroom Management for iOS is perfect for classroom with network. iOS Classroom Management Software allows teachers to control, monitor, manage, demonstrate, provide support and collaborate with students more easily and effectively. Mythware iPad Classroom Management Software for iOS now offers you two solutions.


Windows Teacher + iOS Students

This solution is suitable for instructors who want to have

class with Windows laptop, while the students are using iPad.

iOS Teacher + iOS Students

This solution is suitable for iPad users. Instructors can easily

manage the class via iPad.


Monitor & Control Features

  • Sign In

Instructor can request standard information from each student at the start of each class and create a detailed register from the information provided.


  • Message

Message function enables the instructor to send or receive instant messages with a student, a group or the whole class. Such communication is conducted discreetly without disturbing others.


  • Raise Hand

When some student is stuck by the learning stuff during the class, he/she can press the Raise Hand button. The instructor will get this message and realize that someone has some question. Instructor can help to solve the student’s question by sending message or walking toward to him/her and seeing what’s going on.


  • Silence & Silence

In order to gain one or more students’ attention during the process of class, instructor can blank the student screen via iOS Classroom Management Program’s help. Instructor no longer has to compete for the student’s attention.

Instant Monitor & Assistance

  • Screen Broadcast

With iOS Classroom Management Software, instructor can share his/her screen to one or more students in real time. Through Screen Broadcast, it will be much easier for instructor to introduce a new activity to the class, or to show the students or a small group of them what to do next. When instructor’s screen appears on the students’ smart devices, they will focus on the lesson, which means better comprehension and concept retention.


  • Monitor

During the class, instructor can’t be everywhere at once, even if he/she is continuously walking in the classroom. With Monitor function, instructor’s iPad will display a thumbnail image for each student’s screen. Instructor can keep an eye on each student in his class.


  • Student Demonstration

With Student Demonstration, one student can show the iPad screen to the instructor and whole class, or part of them. It is a great way to showcase good work. It can also build confidence when instructor let students demonstrate to the entire class directly from their iPads.


  • Application Polocy

With application policy, instructor can check the applications which are currently running on the student’s iPads. And instructor can set the white list and black list for students so that he controls the exact applications that students can operate or not.

Installation & Introduction
Chapter 1 –  Installation2014-10-17SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 2 – Conducting Log-In2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 3 – Introducing Interface2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
 Broadcast & Interactive Teaching
Chapter 5 – Using Screen Broadcast2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 6 – Using Student Demonstration2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Efective Control and Assist 
Chapter 4 – Monitor & Control2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
 Chapter 10 – Aplication and Web Policy2014-10-17 SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 7 – Use File Distribution2014-10-17SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 8 – Using File Collection2014-10-17
SWF (Open in Browser)
Chapter 9 – Student Registration2014-10-17 SWF (Open in Browser)
What's New

File Distribution & File collection.

With File Distribution, teachers can send teaching material, documents, pictures and assignments to all or selected students. Teacher also can collect files from all or selected students at any time. And students can submit files to the teacher during the class.



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Feature List

Find all the features of classroom management software for android in this feature list.

User Manual

Guide every user to fully use every function of classroom management for android.

Quick Start Guide

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Technical Specifications


System Requirements
  • iOS 9.x
  • iOS 10.x
Hardware Requirements
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini Retina
Network RequirementsWireless Network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network.
License Model

There are three Internet license models for classroom management for windows. You can choose one according to your own situation.

Per Class – This model requires the customer to use a serial number to register on the teacher’s computer. The students needn’t to register on their computer. This serial number can control the number of students who can connect to the teacher simultaneously. This model is suited to site licenses. The serial number is locked down to the physical machine which has installed the Teacher software.

Per Seat – This model requires registration on both teacher’s and student’s computer. Customers need to use different serial numbers to register on each teacher and student computer, and the teacher side does not limit the number of students who can connect to the teacher simultaneously. The serial number is locked down to each physical machine which has installed our classroom management software.

Per School – Different from the two models above, when customer choose this model, neither the teacher computer nor the student computer requires registration. Instead, customer needs to install the License Server program on the computer which is used as the server. By using one serial number to register on the license server computer, users can easily control the teacher licenses and student licenses. The serial number is locked down to the physical machine which is used as the server.

Online & Offline Activation

If the machine on which the classroom management is installed has internet access, the activation process is as follows:

Customer request a Serial Number from Planet TechEd for the machine like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Customer enters the Serial Number into the software.
The software connects the Internet License Server and completes the activation.
If there is no internet access, it can be manually done by an offline license file, then the activation process will be like this:

Customer request a Serial Number from Planet TechEd for the machine like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Customer sends the Serial Number/Machine Identify pair to Planet TechEd . Machine Identify is a digital numbers string generated by the machine after the software is installed.
Planet TechEd returns a License File to customer.
Customer enters the License File into the software and completes the activation.
Language Used:

Serial Number – A random string generated by the Internet License Server of Planet TechEd in advance. After activation, the Serial Number will bind with a fixed machine. One Serial Number can only be bound with one machine, it can’t be shared or moved between different machines.
Machine Identify – A numbers string generated by the machine hardware Identify. Currently, it only represents the MAC address of wired or wireless network adapter of the computer.
License File – Offline activation file for machine without internet accessibility.

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