Planet TechEd announces Mythware Classroom Management Software develops on version 2.7

November 20, 2015

Planet TechEd is proud to announce the newest update of Mythware classroom management software.This update is offering new compatibilities and more functions for some of the features available in order to provide our clients with more tools for their classroom management needs. Mythware classroom management software develops on version 2.7 providing the instructor with more tools available so that the classroom has the most complete software. Mythware classroom management software has proven to be the best classroom management software available in the market right now and a quick comparison between NetOp and Lanschool can show which is the best option in order to fulfil all classroom management needs.

Establish leaders in this industry like NetOp and  Lanschool are providing similar software proving that educational technology has been developing in the last few years and it is now demanding new updates and compatibilities. Mythware classroom management software version 2.7 provides the best features, focusing on the instructor and student’s needs.


Changes this update provides

  • Net movie soports media files in the format of 720p and 1080p
  • Add View File button on students side for them to view files, snapshots and quiz results.
  • Increase file and quiz paper distribution efficiency by 50%.
  • Support the latest operating system – Windows 10


Mythware classroom management software develops on version 2.7 to be able to have better results for the instructor at the moment of the lecture. The possibility of having better quality video streaming, helping the student comprehend all his progress throughout the class and supporting all operating systems are some of the most important attributes Mythware classroom management software provides. 


About Planet TechEd Inc.

Planet TechEd was founded by a band of IT experts that realize that technology is a guiding force of education. We believe that institutions should embrace the best technologies available for the betterment of their schools and most importantly their students.
Planet TechEd source the best of the breed technologies that can also be procured at the best value for educational institutions throughout North America.