Pricing & Purchase

Mythware Classroom Management Software pricing can vary depending on volume. We manage volume pricing, that meaning that the more devices you are looking to implement Mythware on, the less the per device. Organization’s today look for an affordable and complete classroom management solution and our pricing structure was built in order to best fit organization’s budget everywhere.  Mythware Classroom Management Software pricing allows teachers also to be able to implement in small classrooms without having to worry about the budget.

When it comes to implementing a classroom management solution, pricing is always one of the main topics to consider. After testing and using Mythware on your real environment, we make sure that we work with you in order to provide the best price possible. Mythware Classroom Management Software pricing is based on a ONE TIME COST pricing structure. This means licenses are yours forever once purchased. No need annual payments for the licenses.

We are keen on helping our customers provide the best classroom management software available in the market to their students and help teachers everywhere to have the right tools in order to use everyday technology in their classrooms.


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One Time Cost

The quote you’ll receive contains a one time cost pricing.

Volume Pricing

Our pricing is based on a “per seat” structure. The more machines, the cheaper.

Annual Maintenance Included

Free Upgrades, builds and priority support for a year.