Mythware Anti-Theft

Mythware Anti-Theft software is a device-tracking-software that provides you with options to track and locate your tablet device remotely, and to protect the important information on it. Working securely over the internet, Mythware Anti-Theft software can help users track, locate, and lock their devices anytime, anywhere.


Anti-Theft by Mythware has a Management Server that supports complex deployments and an easy-to-use Client Side which requires no student interactions. With the Management Sever, the administrator can locate and protect the client devices and implement policies.

The selection of the Anti-Theft by Mythware is a positive step toward guarding against theft and ensuring your personal privacy. If the Android devices get lost or stolen, the administrator can use the Server Side of Anti-Theft by Mythware to spot the devices’ locations on a map, play a sound at custom defined volume, send a message, lock the screen, erase its data or trace its locations.

Server Side

Manage Devices

  • Device Information Checking

    Count the number of total devices and online devices.
  • Track and Locate Your Device on a Map

    Track and spot the location of your device when anyone uses it to go online.
  • Lost Notification

    Make the device to automatically play a sound remotely.
  • Lock Remotely

    Remotely lock the device over the Internet so others can’t use it or access your personal information.
  • Erase Data Remotely

    Remotely erase all of your personal data on the selected device.

Manage Account

  • Display the Total Accounts

    Count the number of total accounts and the accounts attached devices.
  • Create New Accounts

    Users can create new accounts from server side.
  • Import Accounts

    Users can import the accounts from a excel file.
  • Unbind Accounts

    Users can unbind the Android device to the account from the server side.
  • Accounts Setting

    Check and edit the detailed information for the account. Administrator can modify the nick name, password, E-mail address and other detailed information of accounts.
  • Delete Accounts

    Check or delete the accounts according to Account or Name, and unbind the attached devices.


  • Account Settings

    Allow or deny students’ registration from the client side;
    Allow or deny students to change account information from the client side;
    Allow or deny students to change account password from the client side.
  • Client Side Settings

    Hide the application icon of the client side.
    Requires a security code to modify the server address or not.
    Customize time frame to get the updates on status of client side.


Client Side

Manage Account

  • Create New Account

    Users can create a new account and bind devices to the account on the Client Side.
  • Check the Status & Detailed Information of Device

    Users can check the current status of the device, the detailed information of the device and the account information.
  • Unbind the Device from the Account

    Users can unbind the device from the account on the Client Side.
  • Change Server Address

    Users can change the server address on the Client Side.
  • Upload the status of devices to the server by different time frame

    Once your device is connected to network and being bound with an account, it can upload the status to the server according to the different time frame.


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Technical Specifications
System Requirements

Sever side:

  • Apache 2.2.21
  • MySQL 5.5.16 (Community Server)
  • PHP 5.3.8 (VC9 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR

Client side:

  • Android 3.x/4.x/5.0
  • Windows 7/8/10