2015/04/15     13:34


  1. Support high resolution screen and 4K screen on Screen Broadcast.
  2. Net Movie supports media file in the format of 720P and 1080P.
  3. Support Windows Multipoint Server 2012.
  4. Support Windows 10.
  5. Add languages: French and Albania.
  6. Add View File button on students side to view files, snapshots and quiz results.


  1. Performance of Screen Broadcast is optimized.
  2. Compatibility of Screen Broadcast is enhanced.
  3. Compatibility of web policy is enhanced; the collision problems with other software such as Ansys have been solved.
  4. Net Movie can play media file without computer sound card.
  5. The default sort order for Policy View, Report View, File Submit view and Answer Sheet View is sort by student name.
  6. The toolbar supports customized sort for the function buttons.
  7. Increase file distribution efficiency.
  8. Increase quiz paper distribution efficiency.
  9. Dual-monitor teaching can memorize the previous pop-up window position.



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