Software for
Managing Classrooms

Classroom management has become one of the hardest things for every teacher, specially with the new policy most schools are implementing of “Bring Your Own Device”. Managing a classroom were technology is the main tool for the learning process can be challenging, but recently, the developments of different classroom management software has made this easier on every educator interested in providing an up to date classroom, yet interactive, collaborative and organized.


Interactive Whiteboard

Software for managing classrooms is one of the main developments for every educational software company. Different companies are now developing classroom management solutions that can provide a secure learning process and a successful classroom environment. Software for managing classrooms such as Mythware Classroom management software, has successfully come up with a solution that provides many different and unique features that provides every tool needed for an organized classroom

Software for Managing Classrooms

 Group Teaching

Features  available

  • Interactive Whiteboard: Allows the teacher and student to draw together, share drawings and the teacher can also let the students draw on their own while monitoring and broadcast it to the rest of the class.
  • Net movie: Streaming of multimedia files. No need to share the files or send them to the students. Saving lots of important time during the class.
  • Assessment: Via quiz or survey the teacher can see how their students are progressing.
  • Remote command: Teacher can manage to shut down, turn on, reboot the student computers. The teacher can also launch, close, block any application or website with just one click of the mouse.

Those are just a few of the features available for a monitoring software able to provide a collaborative yet interactive classroom. As a software for managing classrooms,  Mythware Classroom Management Software has proven to be the best classroom management software because of the unique features, all across compatibility and it is also an affordable classroom management solution.  

Quiz Feature

Software for Managing Classrooms

Software for Managing classrooms needs to provide the every monitoring tools to provide a controlled environment in the classroom but also, it is important that they provide interactive tools that allow the student to feel comfortable speaking and interacting with the teacher in case the student needs help. It’s not easy to find the correct software for managing classrooms but it’s important to be able to provide an up to date classroom and the tools every student needs.

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