Audio does not play on Student’s iPads

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When using Mythware Classroom Management Software with Windows teacher and Ipad devices you are able to use the Net Movie feature and with that you can stream multimedia files, mp3 files, etc. This means you should be able to reproduce audio on your student devices.

If you are not able to use the Net Movie feature with the audio means you are probably using the wrong version of Mythware Classroom Management Software.

Please make sure to have the iOS version for iOS 2.7.905 You can download here for installation through iTunes. Audio/


Here you can see the steps to follow in your teacher console (Windows)

1.Connect the student to the teacher console and select the student or students you would like to use the Net Movie feature.

2. Enable the Net Movie

3.A new window will pop up. There you can choose the file you want to stream to the students.

4. Play the file and modify volume as needed.

Regarding this issue with iOS please keep in mind the following:

  • This is only available when using Windows or Mac OSX for teacher console and iOS students. Since the Net Movie feature is not available for iOS teacher.
  • Installation can also be done locally, please feel free to reach the Planet TechEd team and we will provide a direct download link for installation to be done directly to the iPad.


Planet TechEd Support

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