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When installing Mythware Classroom Management Software, there are a few things that must be set up in order to have all the features working properly.

If you notice that when using Mythware on your student consoles, you can not see all the search on Google, some of the images or topics are not completely loading or have several limitations while using the internet, here you can find a few steps to follow in order to fix this issue.

Errors like the following:

Reset your Browser to its original defaults.

On the teacher side:

1. Open your browser (whichever you are using on your devices) and go to settings.


2. Scroll down, select “Advanced settings” and scroll down again until you get to the end to “Reset”

3. Reset your settings to their original defaults.

Reset your Web Policies on the Teacher console

Once you have done this process, you need to make sure that you don’t have anything blocking internet content from your Teacher console on the “policies” section.

Please make sure to reset your web policies following the next steps.

1.Go to your teacher console and click on the Policy section

2. Click on “Advanced”

3. There you will see the following pop up window. Here you can see the policies for Whitelist and Blacklist, please make sure to erase all URL’s on both lists. (this is only to secure the internet use after this process is done, you will be able to set up the policies correctly as needed)

4. Click apply and start using your browser as needed.

Now you are all set up to use your browser without any problems!




Planet TechEd Support

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