Can the student disable or “hack” Mythware?

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The main concern when it comes to Classroom Management solutions is that the students may find a way to hack into the system and simply log out. With Mythware Classroom Management Software there is no way to do that and here we show you how to make sure that never happens.

There are a few steps the teacher can do in order to secure the connection even more.

Log in and connect with the students consoles.

Go to “Remote Command” –> “Remote Settings” on the teacher console.

Remote Settings Security Options

After clicking on “Remote Settings” a new message box will show up. In “Advanced setting” you will see at the bottom, the 3 options you must select in order to make sure no student will close the software or find a way around it.

* “Lock student process”

* “Student lock the screen after network connection is lost”

* “Hide the set name button”

4. After selecting these 3 options, just click on “Apply” and the student won’t be able to close the software.

How to quickly test this (From the student side)

If the student tries to close the software from the task manager, a new message box will show saying he can not end the task.

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