Can’t connect the student console to the teacher console using Mythware Language Lab Management.

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Normally, the connection between teacher and student is automatically by default. But there are a few steps that you may need to double check if the connection didn’t go that way.

  • Both Devices in The Same Network. Make sure the teacher console and the student console are connected to the same network and the same network segment.
  • Please check the channels that were set up when installation and make sure both teacher and student that you are trying to connect are in the same Channel ID
  • Make sure that both the Teacher Device and Student Device are using the same IP Address. You can check this by pinging the devices to each other.
  • Most Common Issue: Make sure you are within the right Network Segment

You can check this article to see if they are in fact on the same Network segment. You will find the step by step process to correctly set it up if needed.

How can I check that my student and teacher console are on the same Network Segment? Mythware Language Lab Management.

  • Make sure Multicast is enabled in the Access Point or Router. Multicast must be enabled in order for the student to connect to the teacher. If you are not sure if your AP / Router is supporting Multi-cast transmission please follow these steps to find out. If you do not have multi-cast transmission support, Mythware does have the ability to connect through Broadcast IP transmission. You can follow these steps to enable Broadcast connection mode.
  • (Teacher Console) Try going to Options > Screen Broadcast > Uncheck the box next to “Use Multi-cast Transmission”
  • If you are still having problems after confirming all of the previous steps, please feel free to contact us over the chat or send us a detailed email directly at



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