Can’t connect the students to the teacher console

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Normally the connection between Teacher devices & Student devices is seamlessly.

If it’s not, not to worry. Here we will show you what to check in order to be able to make the connection if you cant connect to the student devices.

  • Make sure Multicast is enabled in the Access Point or Router. Multicast must be enabled in order for the student to connect to the teacher. If you are not sure if your AP / Router is supporting Multi-cast transmission please follow these steps to find out. If you do not have multi-cast transmission support, Mythware does have the ability to connect through Broadcast IP transmission. You can follow these steps to enable Broadcast connection mode.
  • (Teacher Console) Try going to Options > Screen Broadcast > Uncheck the box next to “Use Multi-cast Transmission”
  • Are any of your devices Android? Android devices sometimes need to have a separate service installed to support Mythware. This depends on the hardware being used. Please submit a ticket with your device’s model and brand for us to provide that.
  • Make sure the Teacher Device and Student’s Devices are connected to the same AP/AP Router (combined with the DHCP server).

If you are still having problems after confirming all of the previous steps, please submit a ticket with our Tier 2 Support team here: – You will need to create a “My Support” account (Open Registration) and our support will answer within 2 business hours.

Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo or any kind of support please submit a ticket here:

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