Does Mythware Classroom Management Software work in Dual-Boot Machines?

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When using Dual-boot Machines with Mythware Classroom Management Software there are a few steps to follow in order to properly set it up. But YES! Mythware Classroom Management Software works great with Dual-boot Machines.


When using Dual-boot Machines you must install on each operating system. The installation must be done separately in order to correctly have Mythware Classroom Management  Software installed. Make sure to install the correct version of Mythware for each operating system you have.


If you have Dual-boot Machines and you have purchased your Mythware Classroom Management Software, keep in mind that there is no need to purchase separate licenses for each operating system on your Dual-boot Machine.

The licenses are on a Per Seat level. This means that when using Dual-boot Machines you will only need one license and this must be activated on both operating systems. No need to have any additional licenses.




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