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Here you will be able to see how exactly you can use the features available in the Mythware Classroom Management Software and how it looks like in the student’s screen in real time. First you login to the teacher console and connect the student console too as described on the firsts articles. After that you will be able to see the principal features available and how to use them.

Main Features:

Screen broadcast

The teacher is able to share his screen to the students in order to make a demonstration. As soon as you click on the feature, the student’s screen changes to show what the teacher is doing. On the top part of the screen you can see different features available while using the screen broadcast such as voice record; screen pen which allow the teacher to write, draw or highlight some parts of his screen; the student demonstration where the teacher can choose a student to do a demonstration to the rest of the class; screen record; full screen display; options for display and the closing button

Student demonstration

Teacher can select which student will do the demonstration and he is able to share his work with the rest of the students. It’s very similar to the screen broadcast but in this case the teacher decide which student can make the demonstration.

Net movie

Teacher can play media files and broadcast them to all students or some of his choice. He is able to choose from the files he has on the computer or to use some from the internet. Teacher is able to choose which students to broadcast the video to and how many videos he would like them to watch; teacher can make a playlist and decide how to play them. He can also control the volume, the size of the screen, to show or not the playlist and to save it if he needs to.


This allow the teacher to broadcast live content from a USB web camera to multiple students simultaneously and show them what he needs to.

Interactive Whiteboard

Teacher can share the whiteboard with students of his choice; invite them to draw together or let them draw individually while the teacher supervise the activity. As soon as you open the whiteboard and click on “share” on the bottom left side, the student is able to see what the teacher is doing on the whiteboard in real time. Also on the bottom left side you can see all the tools you could need to use the whiteboard in both teacher and student screens.

Monitor control

This allows the teacher to control the students computer from his own and see what he is doing in real time. There are different features available like control the student which allow the teacher to take action in something the student is doing; the student demo which means the student will broadcast his screen to the rest of the students and the teacher also can manage how to display the screen or past to the next student.

Remote control

With this feature the teacher is able to control the computer of the students, he can shut down, startup or reboot the machine and, if needed, he can launch and close applications with only just one mouse click without the teacher leaving the computer.


Teacher can choose to make a group chat or a topic chat. For the group chat the teacher just have to click there and select which students are going to take part on it. For the topic chat, the teacher has to click it and choose a topic for the chat and the students can join to the chat. For the teacher there are many possibilities for the chat like using the pencil, send an image, save the chat, etc. For the student there’s the pencil and emoticons; student can also get out of the chat when he wants to and re-join again. The teacher on the other side, can make more topics, can see the chat history, can also send files or even use his microphone on the chat.

Group teaching

The teacher can make several groups and perform personalized teaching activities; he can also divide the class in groups and assign a group leader who has all the authority to manage the group by teacher orders.


The teacher can create an answer sheet, start a quiz and grade the quiz. To start a quiz you just have to click in the “Quiz” icon and the students will be presented with the questions (i.e multiple choice questions) to do the test; the results show on the teacher side in real time and the teacher is able to send to the student, save or erase that quiz if he wanted to.

Response competition

The teacher can click the response competition feature at any time to check on the progress of the learning process. When he clicks there you choose to put timer, you write what the correct answer is and click start. The students have to answer as quickly as they can so that they can win the competition; if the student makes a mistake the teacher can see it because the icon of that student gets red; in case the student answer correctly they get a star.


This feature allows the teacher to make a multiple choice question or essay question in which he can put timer and start the test. The teacher will get the results in real time and see the percentage of students that succeeded and the percentage that failed, if the teacher needs to, he can save the survey or make more questions. The student just has to fill the answer and submit the answers.


Teacher can blank the students screen with just one click, for as long as he needs to, to gain attention or to maintain order in class. Click on “silence off” allows the student to see and manage his screen again.


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