How do I check if our router supports Multi-cast transmission? What if it doesn’t?

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The connection between teacher and student is usually made via Multi-cast transmission, for this to happen the wireless router needs to support this. If you need to check if your router support the Multi-cast transmission, you will find a multi-cast test tool to check whether the multicast transmission between teacher and student is available.

Teacher side (Windows)

1. Copy Windows-RTRM folder for the teacher machine. You can find the Multi-cast test tool for Windows here:

2. Double click on RTRMtest.exe on teacher machine and you will find the next message box.

3.  Click “Send” in order to start with sending the multicast packets, as you can see here


4. After the teacher send the Multi-cast packets, all student receive them and the “Payload Bandwidth” must be at 70% or more.



5. If the “Speed Limit” is greater than or equal to 2048kbps, Mythware Classroom Management software will run properly in the current environment.

Student side (Android)

1. Copy the android-RTRM folder to the android machine. You can find the Multi-cast test tool for Android here:

2. Click RTRMtest-1.2.apk to set up the apk and then click on RTRMtest on an Android device and the next message box will show.

3.Click on “Receive” in order to get the Multi-cast packets from the teacher.

What if, after you have done this test, the network doesn’t support the Multi-cast Protocol? 

If your router does not support Multi-cast, we offer you a workaround using “Broadcast Mode” in both teacher and student consoles.

For Windows.

* In the install directory folder of Mythware Classroom Management Software for Windows you will find a file named SpecialSet_Windows.exe.

1. This is the path to follow in order to find the folder for a 64bit computer. For a 32bit it would be after “Program Files”.

2. And there you will find the file named SpecialSet_Windows.exe.

For Android Version.

In order to use the “Broadcast Mode” in any android device, the steps to follow are the same as on the Windows version. The file name is BroadcastModeSettingTool_Android.apk 

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