How to Auto Connect the Students Mac OSX?

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When using Mac OSX devices, the automatic connection between students and teachers is a bit different than with other operating systems but you can still make sure that your students connect automatically to your devices once the teacher logs in. Please follow the next few steps in order to set the “Auto Connect” for Mac Osx.

Create a teacher log in account and connect

1. Install the teacher and student console in their respective devices.

2. Create a teacher account on the teacher side

3. Log in to your teacher account on the teacher side

4. Connect with your students for the 1st time.

After the 1st connection is done

1. Go to your teacher dashboard and click on “Auto Connect”

2. Once you click the “Auto Connect” button on the teacher console, this will make that every student device connects automatically once the teacher signs in.

Only need to set up once

**This set up is only done once. After you clicked on the Auto Connect button, the Auto Connect mode will remain active until the teacher decides to “un-click” it. Even when the teacher logs ou and logs in again, the Auto Connect button will remain active until set otherwise.

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