How to check if your student and teacher computers are in the same network segment?

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After installing Mythware Classroom Management Software, if the student and teacher side are both connected to the same network, the software should run and connect properly. In case it doesn’t, there are a few steps for you to try and connect both sides.

The first step is to check whether the two machines are in the same network segment – For Mythware Classsroom Management to connect the teacher to the student, both will have to be in the same network segment. Go through the following steps to check if you are connected in the same network segment.

Are they in the same network segment?

Example #1 – Yes – Notice how only the last 3 digits change.

Click the image for a larger size

The steps below describe how to get and change the current bind addresses of your teacher and student consoles.

If not in the same segment: Try clicking the drop-down menu in each bind address to see if you have the option to change so you can manually put them in the same network segment.

Teacher Side

1.  Click on the  “options” button on the top right part of the screen.




2. It will open a new window in which you will have to click “network”

For the student Side

For the student side, is the same procedure.

1. In the tool bar, right click on the icon of Mythware Classroom Management Software and click “settings”. (since it is the student side, it may ask for the password of uninstalation, if the teacher has set that password, if not, just click ok)

2.  A new window will show and click on “network”

*In case this does not solve the problem, please try to connect them to another network, just to make sure is not a network problem.


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