How to Connect your Chromebook students to the teacher?

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Once the installation of Mythware Classroom Management Software for Chromebooks is done. There are few steps to follow in order to connect to the teacher.

The connection is very simple and it only takes a few seconds.

On the teacher side:

1. Log into your teacher console (on your Windows or Mac OSX device) with your username and password.

2. Since both devices are connected to the same Network, the student will see the teacher session automatically after the reboot, the student must select the teacher session to join in.

3. After the connection is done, the teacher will be able to see the chrome device connected to their class.

On the student side:

1. After the Chromebook devices have been rebooted, the student will see the teacher session to join:

2. The student must select the teacher session and log in. Teachers must approve the connection

3. Once the teacher has allowed the connection, the student will be connected to the class and will see all the features available.


And you and your students are ready to start using every feature available!


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