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When having several students using the same device, it gets difficult to manage each user on the computer. This is why Mythware Classroom Management Software provides a sign-in process for the students to connect using their own  Student ID.

Enable Sign in Process on the teacher side.

1. Please go to the right part of your screen and select the “Manage Class”

2. There you’ll see a drop-down, select the “Sign in” option.

3. You will see a new pop up window where you can decide if students will need to enter a password and if they can be considered late if register after the setup time.

4. There you can “Manage Name List” where you can add, edit, delete, etc. the student’s login. This process is not required if your students sign in as a guest. 

5. If you would like to add a student, you will see the following window. There you can set up the student name, ID, department, etc.

Sign in Process on the Student side.

The connection is the same, once the teacher session is available, you can select the teacher and log in. Once connected, the student will see the following window:

Once the student enters their Student ID and Password (if required) they will see their information “name”, “sex”, etc. If it is correct they can sing in.

Singing in as a guest on the student side.

You can sign in as a guest on the student side, no need to register a password. A student ID will be required. This can be virtually anything. 

1. Register a Student ID (can be whatever number you choose) You will see a prompt message since the Student ID is not registered from the teacher.

2. Fill all information requested.

3. Sign in.

Disable sing in process

In order to disable the sign-in process for the student, follow the next steps.

1. Go to the “Manage Class” drop-down and click on “Annonymous Mode”

And students will be able to connect freely.


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