How to get to the accessibility controls on Mythware Classroom Management Software?

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In order to get to the “Hot Keys” also called, accessibility controls within Mythware Classroom Management Software there are some steps to follow. In this article you will see the steps to get to the “Hot Keys” and edit them if needed.

In your teacher console:

Getting to the “Hot Keys”

1. Login to your teacher console with your account. (if you don’t already have one, you can create a one)

2. Go to the right top part of your teacher dashboard and click on the “Settings”

3. Select the “Hot Keys” button in your settings.

Edit your “Hot Keys”

Once you have found your “Hotkeys”, you will see that these are set up by default. If needed you can simply change the keys for specific functions by clicking on the field you would like to change and enter the key you want.


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