How to manage your class, edit a class or create a new one?

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In order to correctly set up a classroom and the “Auto-Connect mode,” there are some steps to follow when connecting with your students. You can find here the steps to follow.

Manage your Class

1. Go to the teacher console and on the right top part of the screen you will find a button with “Manage class”

2. Once you click there, you will see the following pop up window, there you will see the class models that are available, you can edit, export, save in your computer or even create a new class:

If you decide to create a new class model. You will see the next window where you can select the students that will connect to your class.

** When login to the teacher side, the teacher can choose their class. If more than one teacher would like to use the same class model, they can import and export the files in order to use the same class model in another device. 

And you are all set up! Start using Mythware Classroom Management Software and enjoy all the features available for you and your students!

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