How to mass activate with a license server? Windows Only

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The license server type of activation is only available for WINDOWS devices. This makes the process easier for the instructor to activate plenty of licenses at once.

Here you will find the steps to follow in order to activate this correctly.

  • Install the license server – LicenseServer_2.7.13788.exe– on the computer that will server as the “Server” for license activation. Note: This should be the computer that will be used for activation and license management purposes – Installing a teacher console in this one is doable, but not recommend. You can download the file here:

  • Install the teacher consoles in your other teacher computers.
  • After installing the teacher consoles, create the teacher account and proceed with the 5 user demo to go into the Dashboard.
  • Go to Settings > License > Get License From Server > OK – Restart Mythware CMS

  • When opening a platform again, you will find this Advanced System Login. If not, click on “advance”

  • In that window, fill up the following:
  • Server Name or Server IP
  • Server Port
  • Student Number: Amount that will be connecting to that teacher
  • After installing the License server in the “Server Machine” and re-starting that machine for effects to take in, you will see a pop up like this. Click on Online Update:

  • Input your school license server key here
  • Once activated, you will then see the different options:
  • Normal: In this tab, you can update the license information, check the student license and the teacher license. You can also check the User name, Computer name, and IP, Student number of the currently running teacher side.

  • License Management: In this tab, you can create, modify and delete teacher side account.

Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo or any kind of support please submit a ticket here:

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