How to monitor students activity in real time in their devices?

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There are many ways to monitor student activity on their devices with Mythware Classroom Management software.

Right out of the Dashboard

The teacher’s console Dashboard will feature all of your students connected in a Grid view. Those students screens will actually display what they are doing in real time.

We also recommend using the Zoom In feature to see those grids in a bigger and better way.

You can see a picture of how this looks below:


Monitor & Control Feature

The best and most recommended way here would be actively using the Monitor and Control feature. This feature is found at the very top of the dashboard and it looks like this:

This feature is designed to first monitor the student’s activity in real time in any way you’d like to see it.

You can view your students in a grid format, as such:

And you can also setup sliders so that you can see a say 20 students at the time, move on to the next 20, and so on.

You can do this simply by clicking on the Wrench icon at the top of the Monitor And Control mode and choose a slider setting, as well as how many students you’d like to see in each screen.

In every instance, activity is actually seen in real time. You can also check on how to control the student’s device since it’s just about two clicks from this mode.

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