How to set up Channels using the Auto-Login (By Default) Mythware Classroom Management Software?

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Is very simple to connect to the Mythware classroom management software for both teacher and student consoles when using Mythware Classroom Management Software.

When using the version that provides Auto-Login by default, you must set up the channels for your student side while installing.

Install the teacher console

The installation of the teacher console is the same as any other version of Mythware Classroom Management Software.

1. Select the Language.

2.Documentation that you must agree to.

3. The “Readme” file with the details of the software.

4. Choose the destination of the Mythware file.

5. Choose the Shortcut.

6. Proceed with the installation.

7. Restart your device.

After the installation (on  the teacher side)

1.Set up your login information for your teacher console.

2. Once you have created the Account you must select the Class name and Channel ID that you are going to use for your class.

Setting up the Channel

Before clicking “login” you may need to select or edit you “class name” and “channel ID” so that every student on the same channel can connect automatically.


Student side

Make sure to set up the same Channel ID for the student console and for the teacher console.

1. When installing Mythware Classroom Management Software, you will see the pop-up window where you must choose the Channel ID for the student side while installation.

2. Once that process is done, the teacher and student should connect automatically.

If you don’t see the student connecting to the teacher automatically, please go to the following article.

How to check if your student and teacher computers are in the same network segment?



  • If the student is not in the class model of teacher side it will pop up a notification where the teacher can allow or deny the connection of the student.
  • In case the teacher wanted to accept several new students is just as easy as clicking on the “auto connect” button and all students will be automatically accepted and logged in.
  • For the auto-login to work, both the teacher and students must be connected to the same network.


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