Installation Guide for Mythware Classroom Management Software for Chromebooks

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**Please note that Chrome browser version should be 60 or above.

Installation Steps:

1. In the Chrome browser, open extension page: chrome://extensions/   and search for “Mythware Classroom Management Software”


or use this link:



2.  Click on “Add to Chrome” and a new window will pop, click on “Add app”



3. You will have to select where your Mythware files will go for the installation of the app.



4. A new window will show where you would like so save the local files for the student.



5. Once you select the file, you will see the app start.

6. You can now connect to the teacher

***Teacher dashboard

7. This is how the main dashboard will look the student :


And you are ready to start using Mythware on your Chromebook students!


Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo please contact our sales team here:  or you can submit a support request at our support platform.

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