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This is a little introduction on what Mythware Classroom management software is. This classroom management software enables the teacher to control and manage the class effectively, gives them the chance to supervise the students activities in real time, maintain focus and get optimal results from the students.

Main features

As soon as you open the teacher’s console you can see the box where you have to input your username and password in order to login; once you’ve done that, you can see the software opened and on the top left part you can see all the principal features available for you such as student demonstration, camera, net movie, interactive whiteboard and many more.

Quick action buttons

On the top right part of your screen you can see that Mythware Classroom Management Software offers the “quick action buttons” which allows the teacher to act on the students that are not paying attention.

  • The silent button blocks the screen in order to maintain focus on the students. Teacher can decide when to use it and also decide on which student to use it.

The main function of these buttons is to help the teacher maintain the class focus and in order so that the teacher can manage the class in optimal conditions.


Right below of the quick action buttons, you can see the message part. This is where you can see all the chats you’ve got and where you can respond all your students privately. Also, if needed, you can block a student from sending a message in case he is not using the feature correctly.

Microphone and speakers

The teacher can handle the volume of both the speakers and the microphone in case he is doing a screen broadcast or a student demonstration, etc. The teacher can manage the volume as needed.

Features to monitor the students

On the left side of the screen you can see all the features available for the teacher to monitor each student.

  • Monitor view – shows the screen of each student so the teacher can see in real time the activities they are doing.
  • Report view –  where you can see the status of each computer connected to the teacher console.
  • Policy view – teacher can see in real time which web page or application the student is using. He can decide to block any of them too.
  • File submit view –  teacher can see the status of the files that has sent to the students and also see the status of the ones the students send to him.
  • Answer sheet  –  teacher can create a quiz and make an answer sheet for the students and test them to see their progress in real time.
  • Response competition –  the students compete with each other to answer the one question that the teacher makes. Teacher can see results in real time.
  • Interactive whiteboard – The teacher can draw and save the whiteboard. If needed he can share with the rest of the students or allow them to draw themselves while being monitored.

Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo or any kind of support please submit a ticket here:

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