License Server Offline Activation (Windows)

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This activation method is the best way to activate multiple licenses at once, using one computing device as a server for Mythware. This is only available for Windows devices.

A license server activation allows the client to use a computer as a server for Mythware from where they will be able to activate every teacher and student console. For this process you must have:

  • The Offline file from your serial number (this will be provided by the Planet TechEd Team)
  • Every device must be connected to the same Network.

Here you will find the steps to follow for the OFFLINE activation of the license server.

1. Install the license server program in the server device, and click “Offline Update”:

2. Provide the Machine Identifier to us. We will make an authorization file and send to you:

3. Import the authorization file to the program, this is the file the Planet TechEd Team sent you:

4. Click “Next” to complete the activation:


For the activation of the teachers

You will have to define how many devices are going to be teachers, in order to do it correctly, please follow the following steps:

1. Log in the teacher program, open the Settings, and please refer to the screenshot below:

2. Restart the program, you will see the window below, and input the related info:






Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo please contact our sales team here:  or you can submit a support request at our support platform.

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