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Planet TechEd has released a new platform for our prospective and current clients in order to provide better support, licenses management, ticket system, etc.

This new platform is available for any customer working with the Planet TechEd team to get the best classroom management software for their organization. Here you will find the following:

  • License Count
  • My licenses
  • My downloads
  • My Tickets
  • etc.

Register now:

1.Go to

2.Go to Register and fill the information requested.

3. Verify your email account by clicking on the blue button in the email. Just as shown in this photo.

4. After you verify your email address your will be able to enter to your account.


1. You will see the Dashboard


2.There you will see the following:

License Count:

Here you will see the total amount of licenses that have been purchased under your name. You can see how many licenses you have registered already on a device, how many you have remaining, as well as the order date.

My Licenses (Manage licenses)

Here you will see the serial number of each purchased/trial license and the following details of each one:

  1. Type (per class, per seat, license server)
  2. Status (active/inactive)
  3. Quantity (For how many devices)
  4. Clients (if you are a reseller you can specify the client using the license if requested to the Planet TechEd team)
  5. Status of Annual Maintenance ( active/Inactive)
  6. Renewal date for Annual Maintenance
  7. Order Date
  8. User ID (unique ID provided by the Planet TechEd Team)

My Downloads

Here you will see your downloads, operating system you downloaded for, version and date created

My Tickets (Manage tickets submitted)

Here you will find all the support tickets that you have made, status, department, updates, and date of creation.

View Tickets

After selecting a ticket, you will be able to see the status of your ticket, the replies from the department in charge of the ticket, date of creation, priority, attachments, etc.

New Ticket (submit a new ticket)

Here you can create a ticket for any department and it will be redirected to our Planet TechEd team

This new platform allows all customers to have their products fully organized and manageable. In case you need to directly contact us while using this new platform, you will find our information and you will also find our live chat available.



Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo please contact our sales team here:  or you can submit a support request at our support platform.

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