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When working with the software (v, we face the following problem. Since the class has increased to 32 + teacher – hardware resource we use is not enough (the router). Number of simultaneous connections in the class is limited to less than 30. Reducing the number of students is not possible, as we must simultaneously perform works for everyone. The second problem is the broadcast and video, broadcast occurs in poor quality even on the minimum requirements for 10 people. Video transmission – even more than the amount. The operating system used on the PC is Windows 7 ( x32 ) , connected by Wi-Fi ( laying the cable network is not possible ) , the model for Classmate is ES10IS1, router is Asus RT-N12LX, teacher laptop is Dell.

How can I solve this problem?

1. This problem can be addressed by using another wireless router we recommend, e.g. LINKSYS E4200 V1 or Ruckus7341, once you prepared the AP we recommend, we can send you the guide to configure the wireless router.

2. We use multicast protocol to transfer screen and net movie to students, it only use one bandwidth for 50 or more students in the same class. So our software requires the AP with a good performance on Multicast.

3. The version (v is an outdated version which was released several years ago. You can download and try our latest version from our websites:

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