Quick Start Up guide for Mythware Classroom Management Software for Linux

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Welcome to a quick start-up guide to Mythware Classroom Management Software. The following is an explanation of the structure on a step by step process.

Download Mythware Classroom Management Software for Ubuntu.

  • Mythware Classroom Management software can be downloaded at the following link, completely for free and ready to be used with up to 5 Students. Please make sure to select the Linux version.
  • Free Download: https://planetteched.com/download-mythware/

Install Mythware Classroom Management

The process of installation is quite simple. After you fill in the form in the link above, you will receive an e-mail with the download links.

1. Once you download, please Right Click on the file and select “Extract here” and a new file with appear on the screen.

2.  Now open the “Terminal” and proceed with the installation.


cd Download  – To enter to the Download file.

chmod +x “name of the app” – To install.
./sap.sh  – To provide installation permits, after that, the user password will be required.
Once this process is done, you can go ahead and use open Mythware Classroom Management Software and select the “5 users demo”
Create the account and you are ready to start!
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