Quick Start Up Guide to Mythware Classroom Management Software for iOS

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Welcome to a quick start-up guide to Mythware Classroom Management Software. Here you will find the first few steps to follow in order to download, install and activate Mythware on your iOS devices.

For the Teacher side

  • Download Mythware Classroom Management (Teacher Console)

Mythware Classroom Management software can be downloaded at the following link, completely for free and ready to be used with up to 5 Students. This particular Download link is for installation through iTunes.

Free Download: https://planetteched.com/download-mythware/

If you want to install locally, please go to the following link: http://www.mythware.com/classroom-management-software-for-ios

  • Install Mythware Classroom Management

The process of installation is quite simple. After you fill in the form in the link above, you will receive an e-mail with the download links. Please click on them and there you will find a .zip folder. Once unzip-zip the folder you will find the teacher and student console

1.Double click on .ipa file in the device that will act as the teacher console.

2.Go through the installation step-by-step process. Choose your language at the beginning, and hit Next until finished.

3.After the process is done you will be able to find the Mythware icon within your applications.

Please note: You may have to check your “Security and Privacy” in order to allow Mythware to run in your iOS. If you need information on this process please go here: https://planetteched.com/support-kb/untrusted-developer-in-ios/

  • Create an Account and Login as a Teacher

From the Teacher Console: The first thing that will prompt after opening Mythware Classroom Management is the Create an Account pop up. Please input your teacher username and password. After, you will be ready to click “Create Account” and Login as a teacher.

  • Activation of Mythware Classroom Management

At the same time as the previous step – Mythware Classroom Management Teacher Console will prompt you to either:

1.Register Now: If you have purchased Mythware Licensing or you have an extended trial serial number, please go through the activation process:

  • Register Now

  • Online update

  • Input the serial number (Can be a trial license key or a non-expire license)

2.5 User Demo: This is for the purposes of using Mythware CMS with up to 5 users without expiration.

  • After the student console has been installed – Connect to The Student

The connection should be seamless and after this process is completely automatic.

1.Go to the Student Console > Find the top bar in the desktop > Click on the Monitor icon

2.Connect to the teacher available in the popup

3.From the Teacher Console > View Connecting Students.

4. Select the students you will allows the connection to and then click “OK”


For the Student side

  • Download Mythware Classroom Management (Student Console)

When downloading from our website, you will find the executable file for the student console. Install the student console on all students’ devices.

  • Activation of Mythware Classroom Management

Once installed you are ready to use the student console. In case you have a Per Seat trial/non-expire license, you will have to activate the license key on the student side.

1.Go to the student console and click on “Settings”

2. Go to “About” and select “Online Update”

3.Register your serial number


And you are all set up! Start using Mythware Classroom Management Software and enjoy all the features available for you and your students!


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