Scripting & Silent Installation of Mythware Classroom Management

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Silent installation is the specific command-line option that is added in the script for simplifying the installation process.

Step by Step Guide

1- Create a .txt file and change the suffix to .bat, it’ll become a .bat file. Put the .bat file in the same directory where Mythware CMS is.

2- Right click to edit the .bat file, type the download link adding the “/” followed by the command.

3- Double click to run the .bat file and wait about 5 seconds, the software will be installed and the system will reboot.

The command-line parameters of Mythware CMS

  • /silent: silent installation, no reboot
  • /Verysilent: silent installation and reboot
  • /Autoremoveold: remove old version automatically
  • /dir=: install to the specific directory
  •  /noscreendriver:without installing screen-capture driver
  • /runbyreg:automatically run student side by Regedit
  • /channelid= or /lang=:specify default channel ID of student


Input the command-line options with a “/” in the link to download in order to install as “Silent”, “Very-Silent”, etc. The program will recognize the command and install as required.


Planet TechEd Support

Planet TechEd offers full technical support for prospective and existing users. If you require a trial license or a live demo please contact our sales team here:  or you can submit a support request at our support platform.

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