Why do you need a classroom management solution?

Teaching in the 21st century classroom has become a challenge for every teacher because technology has become a part of the class and with that, it’s harder for every teacher to keep the students focused and interested in the lecture. So far, technology has become an important part of every educational center.

This development in technology made us wonder what are the important things to consider before investing in a software which main purpose is to provide the teacher all the tools to be able to have an organized classroom and maintain every student focus on the lecture. Every educational center is now investing in all sort of technology for the classroom but they are not really getting the most out of it if the students are exposed to all kinds of distractions.

Classroom management software has been around for many years, always developing better tools and updates in order to provide the best service and the most helpful software to secure an organized and focused classroom, but there’s actually a large percentage of teachers that don’t even know it exists.

There are now available different products such as Lanschool, NetOp, and Insight, that had been around for many years offering the basic features for classroom management. There is actually a great number of educational centers that are improving their classroom management techniques and with that, they are implementing a classroom management software for a better functionality in the class. Some new software technology has been on the market that is called Mythware classroom management software, offering more tools and monitoring features for the classroom.

What to consider before making a decision:

There are some few principal points to consider before purchasing a classroom management software such as:

  • Usability
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Simplicity at time of use and installation
  • Training and support
  • Cost

Keeping in mind that all these points make a difference in whether or not the software fits your needs and if it is worth to invest in them. If any of these failed at any moment, it could become a real disadvantage for the students and also the teacher.


Mythware is one of the most complete classroom management software available in today’s market, making a quick comparison between industry leaders will show all the different features it provides in addition to all the features already available proving that is really the best classroom management software available. 

  • Screen broadcast
  • Student’s screen broadcast
  • Blocking student’s screen
  • Student’s demonstration to other students.
  • Watching every student screen and see all the activities in real time
  • Remote control
  • Collection of files
  • Send and receive files
  • Limit internet access
  • Limit applications access
  • Streaming of Multimedia files
  • Control use of a printer
  • Control use of usb and cd port
  • Control of audio and voice in student’s computer
  • Broadcast teacher’s voice in real time
  • Broadcast video camera in real time
  • Powering on/off students computers remotely
  • Viewing running applications and internet access
  • Interactive whiteboard  for both teacher and students use
  • Screen Snapshot
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Block the message possibility for any student
  • Status information on every student computer or device
  • Voice broadcast for student
  • “Raise hand” in order to let know the teacher there’s a student that needs assistance
  • Response & competition
  • Survey
  • Group teaching and collaboration
  • Quiz by an answer sheet
  • Remote command

Choosing the best classroom management software only by looking in the features they offer is very difficult, most of the vendors provide the basic features and in all the points of consideration for the decision making y,you’ll see how Mythware makes the real difference.


You have to ask yourself several important questions before making a decision, the compatibility is key for the software to work in the actual computers or devices they are using.

  • What version of windows does it support? How fast are the updates for the latest versions?
  • What versions of MAC OSx does it support?
  • Does it support 32 bit or 64 bit versions?
  • It support tablets, Ipad or Android devices for both teacher and students?
  • Could the teacher use a different operating system than the students and still manage the student’s computer?
  • How much RAM and processor would you need?
  • What browser can you use for the web limiting feature?

The features that involve broadcast and streaming multimedia files may take more bandwidth so it’s important to know if the software would need more bandwidth

  • What kind of bandwidth would we need?
  • Does it support VLANS?
  • Would it work with a wireless and wired connection?

Simplicity at time of use and installation

Once you’ve checked that the software is compatible with the devices you are actually using, you have to wonder if it’s easy to use for both teacher and students and if the installation process isn’t long and tedious.

  • Can a non-technical person install the software?
  • How easy it would be for a student to uninstall or install the software?
  • Does the software secure to prevent inappropriate use from the students?
  • Is it easy to use for a non-tech person?
  • Can the software shut down, suspend or block students computers?

Training and support

When deciding for a classroom management solution for your educational center, you are also getting a partner for a long time. It’s important for you to have a good support during this time so these are the main things to consider support wise

  • Does it has a quick start guide?
  • The guides and manuals are easy to understand?
  • How many years of support are available?
  • How reachable are the support team?
  • Do they require a annual support and maintenance?
  • How easy is to get the updates? Can you get it from within the software?
  • What is the vendor’s support policies?


Pricing is one of the last point but very important also, in terms of cost, it’s important to consider all the points mentioned before and whether or not is the best choice for your educational center. There are some classroom management software that are very pricy but lack of the most important features.

  • What is the total cost? With licenses, support, updates, maintenance, etc?
  • Would they give a discount for a great amount of licenses?
  • Is there annual maintenance fee? If there is, what happens if i skip this fee?
  • What are the licenses options?
  • Is there any discount for someone who wants to buy the software for a long period of time? (more than one year of annual maintenance payment)

There’s a lot to consider before purchasing a classroom management software, but making an informed decision will make the difference in the classroom, the learning process becomes an easier task for the teacher to do and the students can achieve the best results. Making a good research about the industry leaders and comparing the different features and all the points mentioned here, will help you find the right classroom management software for your educational center. This will also help the students have an updated classroom using the technology available in today’s market.

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